Mrs. McListy (AKA: Listy McListerson)

I have a crazy obsession with lists. Like, all kinds of lists. Shopping lists, lists of some artists I love, lists of tasks, lists of art projects I want to create, lists of business ideas, lists of dreams and goals, checklists for my kids, recipes I want to make…you get the point. Lists are my jam. It just feels so dang good to check things off and be able to see your actual progress and accomplishments. Daily checklists are one of my very favorite things because, while big goals and huge projects are awesome, they can get super overwhelming super quickly. Daily checklists allow me to break them down into smaller steps by choosing a few small things each day that help me reach those broader goals. But what makes a list even better?? Duh, one that is fun and that makes you smile as you check off your tasks! And what’s even better than that??? A free one for you to use… just click the image to open and download!