Library Funding Campaign.


WE Need Our Libraries

I have noticed over the past couple years that our local library has had more unforeseen closures, canceled events, and days with not enough staff. I attended a library funding meeting and it made me realize how underfunded our libraries really are. I wanted to help. After brainstorming at the next meeting, I got the idea to create worksheets to distribute to Philadelphia schools for the students to complete. It was so cool to see them rolling back in and having these tangible reasons showing why library is so important to each of these children. In mid December The Friends of the Free Library held a press conference and pep rally at City Hall where we hand delivered the funding petitions and student worksheets. We all deserve a fully functional, fully staffed library. There’s still a lot of work to be done but hopefully this helps the Mayor and City Council to see that our libraries serve as more than just a place to borrow books. Our libraries allow kids to study in a safe space, they allow for those without computer access to search for jobs and stay in touch with family, they foster a love of reading and the desire to explore curiosity from a young age, and so much more.